Valencia Nail Salon

SOHO [sōjō]: eclectic neighborhoods in London and New York famous for their passion for art and beauty

NAIL BAR [neɪl bar]: beauty center that works mainly on the beauty of the hands and feet

At Soho Nail Bar we are experts in nail care, performing manicures and pedicures. As Valencia’s premier beauty salon we have a wide range of services such as waxing, eyebrow waxingand beauty treatmentsfor eyelashes, such as eyelash laminating and eyelash lifting.

We carry out all of our beauty treatments to the highest quality, with the utmost professionalism and impeccable technique to guarantee maximum care for our clients. We take the necessary time with each client. Without haste and with passion. Inspried by the Soho neighborhoods of London and New York, where they work with a passion for art and beauty.

When the good weather arrives, we begin to worry about the state of our nails. At Soho Nail Bar, we do everything from the simplest manicure to the most complicated designs. If you are looking for a semi-permanent manicure, express manicure, gel nails, or acrylic/porcelain nails (even XL nails) or just a traditional manicure, this is the nail and beauty salon you are looking for.

Over time our heels, soles and nails dry out little by little. Soho Nail Bar in Valencia is the solution. At Soho Nail Bar we perform complete pedicures, semi-permanent pedicures, both with massages included. If you need a faster service or your feet are in very good condition, we also offer express pedicures, or traditional and semi-permanent enamels.

We wax eyebrows, upper lip, nose and chin. In addition, we give you the option of waxing, threading or tweezing.

You can choose eyebrow lamination or colour them with dye or henna. If you want to style your eyebrows or remove excess hair, we can also advise you and perform the treatment at the same time.

With our eyelash lifting technique, we will improve the appearance of your eyelashes and achieve longer, denser and thicker eyelashes in a completely natural way. We perform all our treatments with trained specialists at Soho Nail Bar.


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